Guidelines for Submission of Synopsis/Project Report of MBA, Guru Jambheshwar University (GJU), Hisar

Guidelines for Submission of Synopsis/Project Report of MBA, Guru Jambheshwar University (GJU), Hisar

GJU MBA Synopsis/ Project Report Guideliness 2015

Guru Jambheshwar University (GJU) Hisar offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) in distance mode and students have to prepare synopsis in MBA 4 semester, then final project report is submitted. The following are the guideliness for the students of Guru Jabmbheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar to submit the synopsis/project report of MBA course.  The details are mentioned below:-



Guidelines for Research Project


For MBA – Paper CP-402


As per the syllabi of MBA distance education, each student of MBA has to


work on Research Project selecting a topic from his/her specialization area. Research


Project will carry 100 marks. In preparing the Project, the students are required to


follow the under mentioned guidelines:


1.  Research Project must be started at the onset of 4




2.  The topic of Project should be related to the area of specialization from the


broader field of management and the topic must be finalized in consultation


with guide/project supervisor.


3.  Each student will prepare a synopsis (ANNEXURE-I) of 5 to 10 pages on


the topic chosen by him/her. Synopsis is a proposal for research project,


which the student will carry out in consultation with his/her guide and send


the same to the Directorate of Distance Education for approval. The copy in


original of the title page of approved synopsis duly signed by the evaluator


must be added in the beginning of the project Report. The contents of the


synopsis should be :


(i) Title of the project


(ii) Review of literature and Problem Statement.


(iii) Research objectives of the proposed study.


(iv) Research Methodology (Sources of data, Sampling, Tools of




(v)  Scope/Relevance of Proposed Study.


(vi)  Proposed questionnaire ( if any).


(vii) References.


NOTE :     Contents must be in the above sequence to bring uniformity of


structure. In Research Methodology, the students should write the methodology to


be used  by them in completion of the Project.


Please see the page attached for format of (synopsis/Front page).



4.  Each student will choose a guide/research supervisor whose acceptance with


his/her signed bio-data (ANNEXURE-II) must be sent alongwith synopsis to


the Directorate of Distance Education for approval.


5.  The guide must have research experience in the relevant field and the same


must be mentioned in his/her biodata sent for approval He/she should hare at


least masters’ degree in  relevant area.


6.  The Research Project may be based on primary or secondary data or both.


7.  The contents of the final Project Report tobe submitted should include :


(i)  Introduction and Rationale of the topic chosen.


(ii)  Literature review and problem formulation.


(iii)  Objectives and research methodology.


(iv)  Analysis and interpretation of data.


(v)  Conclusions/findings and recommendations/suggestions.


(vi)  References/Bibliography in specified format.


(vii) Appendix.


(a)  Questionnaire, if any


(b)  Interview schedule, if any.


(c)  List of the companies surveyed.


(d)  Raw data, if the candidate wants to submit


(e) Graphs/Diagrams etc.


(f)  Any other document relevant to the study.


8.  Each research supervisor/guide will issue a certificate that work done by the


candidate is his/her original work and is of the standard expected of an


MBA student. The certificate duly signed by the supervisor will be added in


the beginning of report (ANNEXURE-III).


9.  Each Research Project should be independent work of a candidate and the


same should not be jointly prepared by more than one candidate.


10.  The synopsis must reach to the office of the Directorate, Distance


Education, GJUS & T, Hisar as per the schedule given in the prospectus.


11.  A specimen of title page of the Research project (ANNEXURE-IV)  is given


below for reference :-


For example a candidate named (hypothetical Suresh Kumar bearing enrolment


No. 068824924 is undergoing project work entitled  “A comparative study of


mutual funds.” Performance offered by private and public sector banks” under the


supervision of Sh. Rakesh Chand will submit the project in the following format :

A Project on


A comparative study of mutual funds’ performance offered by private and


public sector banks


(Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of


Master of Business Administration, Distance Education


Guru  Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology , Hisar


Research Supervisor:                                                                           Submitted by :


Rakesh Chand                                                           Suresh Kumar


Manager (Finance)                                                      Enrolment No. 068824924


Birla Sunlife, Delhi                                                                  Specialization :-


Session 2008-10


Directorate of Distance Education


Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology Hisar (India)


12.  Title of the synopsis and Project Report should be very specific and not


vague. The place/region/area of study should be mentioned in the synopsis


as well as project report. The title should reflect the objectives and be


strictly in accordance with the same.


13.  One copy of the Project Report should be submitted in simple tape binding


with white cover chart paper . Hard /spiral binding will not be accepted.


14.  The Project Report should be limited upto  80-100 pages (with printing on


both sides on A-4 size paper preferably with 1.5 line space).


NOTE : I  The students of MBA-IV semester are required to submit the synopsis


latest by 31


of May of every year in their own interest without any late fees and with


late fee of Rs. 500/-  upto 30


June and with late fee Rs. 1000/- upto 31st July


thereafter but before the last date of submission of project report as mentioned in the


prospectus. The  unapproved synopsis will be sent back to the candidates/study centre


and the candidate will have to resubmit the revised synopsis by the date mentioned in


clauses 1 to 12. In  the beginning of the revised synopsis the original copy of  the page


where remarks/suggestions by the evaluator are made must be added. The students


whose synopsis is rejected/disapproved “TWICE” will be declared unfit to submit


their synopsis for main examination and consequently, they  will be treated for


‘REAPPEAR”   as per university rules. The candidates should also add the original


copy of synopsis showing approval/suggestion by the evaluator in the final project


report as  mentioned in para 3 of these guidelines. As the late submission of synopsis


attracts late fees, the students must adhere to the time schedule as given in the


prospectus. If the submission gets delayed even due to disapproval of the original


synopsis, it will carry late fees as per rules given in the prospectus.

For complete details visit university website/prospectus


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